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Existing terrace area brought back to life

Sladebrook Road, Bath

  • Existing terrace area brought back to life - Sladebrook Road, Bath

Description of work


An existing terrace area which consisted of a tired, worn-out deck and a section of 20mm gravel which was to be replaced with something more consistent and less cluttered.

Existing terrace area design

The old deck had become rotten and unsafe. In addition, the client didn’t like the way the terrace was divided into a deck and gravel area. This was felt to be contributing to an overall look of smallness.

We dismantled the deck and frame and removed the waste via skips in the front garden. The area was then dug to a depth of 150mm and a shallow trench was created on the garden side of the patio which was filled with concrete and levelled. From this we created our foundation for the low retaining wall that needed to be built as the lawn area for the garden was higher than the terrace. The wall also included steps onto the garden. The walling used was shearstone forticrete walling in buff. Once the wall had been constructed, the work could begin on the paving. A membrane was laid over the area then our type1 scalping was brought onto site and spread to a depth of 100mm, which was then compressed. Calibrated Indian Sandstone project pack (fossil mint) were then sourced from Kellaway Builders and pointed in on a mortar mix.


Because the terrace had been split into two and we created a single and level finish, the garden looked larger and more welcoming.