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Garden with small rockery – low maintenance solution

Weston, Bath

  • Garden with small rockery - low maintenance solution - Weston, Bath
  • Garden with small rockery - low maintenance solution - Weston, Bath

Description of work


This new garden with a small rockery was owned by an elderly couple who had decided that the garden was getting a little too much to handle and required a low maintenance solution.


The garden had been divided into three sections using planted out boarders, which was making the garden seem smaller than it was. Firstly, we had to clear the garden of all the existing shrubs; the existing lawn was also removed. A new fence was required on the left-hand side boundary line. The existing fence was a 1.2m high waney edge panel, which are basically considered the cheapest on the market. We replaced this with a 1.2m high framed feather edge panel from Charlton timber using 100mm posts set 600mm into the ground in concrete.

The first section of the garden was going to be transformed into a patio area; we did our preparation of digging out to a depth of 150mm with soil being removed via skips in the front drive. The membrane was spread with the type1 MOT spread over the area and compressed. We then laid our Marshalls riven paving in buff. The client requested we leave a 50mm gap between the slabs so that 10mm pea gravel could be brushed into the joints instead of pointing them in with a mortar mix which is more traditional. Whilst I did not agree with this – I feel the gravel is always prone to come out – I stated my case but ultimately this is what the clients wanted. The second section of the garden was to be laid as artificial grass. The clients were about to buy a new puppy and were keen to have grass for her but did not want to be cutting the grass so artificial grass was the option, which was installed to industry standards.

The last part of the project was to install a small rockery at the rear of the garden. This is something that we don’t get asked to do much in the modern garden, but the clients wanted a small planting area and if rockeries are planted correctly they can be a nice feature.


The removal of the shrubs to open up the garden made a vast difference and again using different materials helped in the overall transformation of this space.